The Idea of a Journey

I finally decided what I’m going to write about and, if you’re a writer or just like to read what I write, I think you’ll enjoy it. I’ve decided to attempt writing one poem a day, every day, starting TODAY. My poems may be painful to read at times because I’m a horrible poet usually, but that’s what this is about: a journey to improve a skill I normally avoid. Feel free to join in on your own–it’s going to be a fun ride, whatever the outcome! So, here’s today’s poem:

The Idea of a Journey


One foot out the door

One foot inside

This idea on my mind

Could be the death of me

It’s a scary thought

This journey of mine

But I refuse

To be left behind

Take a step

Take a breath

Pack your bags

With supplies and courage

No matter where we go

We’re going to need it

And there you go–one disasterous poem off the top of my head. Can’t wait to see what will inspire me tomorrow! (And, hopefully, produce a better poem!)


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