May 18th – Frustration

Today was a slightly frustrating day, so does it surprise you that frustration is the inspiration for today’s poem?


It’s frustration:

Pounding behind your eyes

Drilling into your temples

Begging to be released

Boiling when it isn’t

Driving you painfully crazy

Screaming with your voice

Crying with your eyes

Punching with your fist

Leaving you in pieces

Shattering you with emotion

Tattering all your confidence

Stealing away your drive

Abandoning you to despondence

Breaking down your self-esteem

Crushing all your dreams

Careening into everyone else

Making you lose yourself

Freezing away your feelings

Smashing all of you

It’s frustration


One thought on “May 18th – Frustration

  1. Great poem. I’ve been dealing with a lot of frustration myself these days and your words are right at home in my world. “Tattering all your confidence”. So true yet difficult and painful to deal with and get over.

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