May 19th – To the Dreamers

Since my family doesn’t get Fox, I had to watch my weekly dose of Glee today online rather then last night. It was an awesome episode called Dream On about–you guessed it–dreams. It inspired today’s poem, To the Dreamers.

To the Dreamers

Hello Dreamers,

You who stare out the window

Not seeing reality but

Glimpsing the fantasy beyond

You are the beater of your own drum

And you dance to its melody

Without caring what others think

Because they expect you to fail

But you know better

You who wish on a shooting star

And throw a penny in the well

After picking it up because

Its head faced the sky

You put a smile on your own face

And put the sparkle in your eyes

Don’t give up Dreamer

                                                     I know you won’t


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