May 27th – To Music

Last night, I started watching the movie August Rush again. I really, really love that movie. One of my favorite quotes is “I believe in music the way some people believe in fairytales.” Couple that with the fact that I have my singing and piano lesson today, and you have a poem dedicated to the magical melody of music. Enjoy!

To Music

Sing a song to me, music

Take away my sorrow

Lighten my heart with harmony

Make me believe in your words

There’s nothing like you, music

You can comfort me when others can’t

For you, I’ll dance when I have no energy

I’ll smile when I have no happiness

You don’t always use words, music

But when you do I grasp onto your message

I absorb the meaning into my heart

And shout them back into the air

When you speak through instruments, music

I can see the notes dancing in the air

I hear the story you are telling just to me

And I never want it to end

You mean a lot to me, music

More then I could ever say

So maybe I’ll write you a song

Or play you a melody

I know you’ll understand


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