June 2nd – The Star

I’m really late posting today, but that’s because today was pretty busy. I’d like to say thanks for everyone’s comments on my previous poems! Hopefully, I’ll write some more stuff that’s actually worth reading :D. That said, today’s poem is also really short. It’s for everybody who’s reaching for a dream that people say they’ll never achieve.

The Star

I’m reaching

For the highest star

The one that holds the key

To Neverland and beyond

I can feel the heat

On my fingertips

But I just can’t reach it

You laugh when you see me

Straining on my tip-toes

And you ask me if I think

The star will fall

Because that’s the only way

I’ll catch it

I’m not stopping

I’m still reaching

No matter what you say

Because just the sparkling warmth

Of being so close

Is enough to keep my dream alive

And a smile on my face


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