June 4th – Dark Thoughts

Hooray for poetry inspired by nightmares! Ok, well, not really, but that’s how today’s poem sort of came about. I actually hesitated putting this up here, but then I remembered that poetry is the best place for speaking emotions. I’ve been told that if you have nothing to say, don’t write! If you do, then you put it down on paper no matter what it is. So here it is!

Dark Thoughts
Hello dark thoughts
I don’t remember
Allowing you to return
To my mind
I would rather you
Did not
Torture shadowed confessions
Of the deep concerns
Of my heart

You know dark thoughts
If you were a nightmare
I could shake
Perhaps I’d like you better
But you come to me in waking hours
While I am hoping to dream
Blackening my hopes
With ash and
Igniting them with horrid flame

Now I tell you dark thoughts
I want nothing to do with you
You leave me deepest fears alone
You stay out of my heart
Even though I know
You aren’t leaving anytime soon
It makes me feel better to say
Begone dark thoughts
Get out

4 thoughts on “June 4th – Dark Thoughts

  1. hi!

    came upon ur blog through jingle’s blog..nice poem there..refreshing thought on dark thoughts…sometimes a necessary evil, wot say? 🙂

    nice poem..glad I landed here..keep writing..

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