June 5th – Invisible Girl

Today’s poem is about a feeling we all must have felt at some point, unless you are a very lucky person: loneliness. Perhaps the phrase “alone in a crowded room” is a cliché, but most of us know it’s a true one. I’ve managed to avoid such situations for a while now, but I was recently stuck in one and I was forced to remember how awful that feels. And so came about today’s poem.

Invisible Girl

Do you see her?

That girl over there?

The one against the back wall

Standing by herself?

Do you know her?

Have you even noticed her before?

Have you ever thought of

Asking her her story?

Do you care about her?

Have you thought of what she’s feeling?

Would you even consider

Stopping her loneliness?

Do you know how she feels?

Have you ever been an outcast?

Have you ever stood in a crowded room

And only watched the other’s talk?

That must have been you once

Or that idea at least scares you

Because I can’t believe you willingly

Make me an invisible girl

3 thoughts on “June 5th – Invisible Girl

  1. its so much beautiful. you said it so beautifully in the last two lines.

    I am here from Jingle’s Thursday Rally for poets.
    Peace n happiness 4U 4Ever.

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