June 7th – Inner Demon

More dark poetry–aren’t you excited? I’m not sure I am, but it’s following this paragraph anyways. I was trying to figure out why I’m writing all this dark poetry lately, and I think I figured it out. Lately, I am a) frustrated a lot and b) watching way too much Buffy the Vampire Slayer then is good for me thanks to my dear friend Martina (her blog’s on my blogroll). A piece for advice for you: Never watch TV shows about invisible murders when you’re home alone. It isn’t good for your heart. Just sayin’.

Inner Demon

It’s creeping up on me

Jumping out from corners

When I least expect it

Giving me multiple heart attacks

Just for laughs

It’s following me everywhere

Like a shadow or

A fly on the wall

Always only inches behind me

But gone when I turn around

It’s infecting me

Making me easily angered

So I lash out at everyone

Before crawling into a corner

And hiding from myself

It is a part of me

That I cannot contain or banish

The demon that lives inside us all

That will never stop tell us we’re worthless

And boil black emotion in our hearts

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