June 10th – The Secret

I was watching this TV show earlier, and I got to thinking of secrets and love–and how much you have to love someone to keep their huge secret(s). You always see this great love story about one person who knows another person’s secret and loves them anyway or whatever, but what about the people who share those secrets? If they love the other person, why would they share life or death secrets? There are multiple answers to that question, I know, but this is my response to one way to look at it.

The Secret

You told me a secret
And begged me to keep it
With my life
I said yes
With no fear in my heart
Because I loved you too much
For that
But now your secret
Is rattling
The bars of its cage
And screaming
Inside my mind
So much
That now I have to ask myself
How much I love you
Does my heart hold
Enough strength
To keep your secret
Locked within
Or will my love
Shatter from strain–
I love you
My dear
That I know truly
Though your secret’s magnitude
Threatens to kill me
I’ll keep it
But because of it
I’m left to wonder
Not if I love you
But if you love me


8 thoughts on “June 10th – The Secret

  1. Powerful… and love how it speaks to the undercurrent motive of what we ask of our beloveds… and how that may be destructive to our souls, in our unwillingness to face our shadow/secrets. And that their are secrets that need to be held secrets, and those that in the holding create more shame, guilt, and toxicity in life.

  2. Makes me wonder….what if the secret told was “I love you” but you could never tell anyone! Can anyone ever really keep secrets? I wonder. Nice writing very thought provoking!

  3. this is an extremely wise poem. wise people have said “as long as you keep a secret to yourself you rule it, the moment you share it with some one it rules you.”
    another one has said- “share your secret and you are destroyed.”

    personally i believe that if i want to keep a secret i wont share it with anyone 🙂

  4. Shaky says:

    I struggle with this one a little bit – equating love with keeping a secret, depends on the secret – if someone told you they were being abused, love might mean breaking the secret, but then again that’s for me, the reader to ponder.

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