June 11th – Enough

Today was a very long day today and I nearly forgot to jump on here when I got a break! However, I DID get on here which is the big thing, even if the poem’s shorter 😀 Today’s poem is for everyone who’s ever dealt with someone who made their problematic life your problem and expected you to deal with it all and take the blame. Eventually, you’ve got to say enough is enough or you’ll wreck your own life.


What do you want?
Me to acquiesce
To your failure
Do you wish me to say
That it’s fine
When your issues
Ruin my life
You are the late one
The confused one
The angry one
Not me!
Yet you give the problems
To me to deal with on my own
And lash out at me
When you can’t
I am done with tears
My dear
For they have never affected you
From now on
Your punishment is this:
I turn my back on you


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