June 13th – Silence

This weekend I rarely had a moment to myself, and my ears were constantly assaulted with noise. Now, I don’t mind, but after a while it gets to you. The fact that I’m claustrophobic doesn’t help things either. Today, though, the source of most of the noise went away and I got to get back to simple silence, hence today’s poem.


Oh Silence
How I have missed
Your quiet bliss
And cold caress
My mind has been
Nothing but chaos
Since you left
You abandoned me
To the violent throes
Of incessant talk and
Crushing sound waves
That made my head
Pound like a thousand war drums
Until my eyes started dancing
With stars
And twitching
To the beat
So I had to sit
Lest I fall
Into a black abyss
You have brought
The sweet darkness with you
And returned the simple pleasure
Of having a moment
To breathe
Oh Silence
How I have missed you


3 thoughts on “June 13th – Silence

  1. Here’s to a fellow “poem a day” writer. I too have embarked on this quest for one year. I started back in April and I’ve missed a couple of days but I made up for those with some two-poem days. Don’t stop. It’s great training. And fun. It’s true, some might be horrible but some are going to beautiful.


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