June 14th – Strangers

Everywhere you go in public places, there are always those people you don’t know standing by themselves. Do you ever wonder if they could be friends to you? Does it ever cross your mind? It certainly hasn’t done so to me recently, and yet that is what today’s poem is about. Rather, the reason none of us ever talk to those people across the room.


Hey Stranger
You there
Across the room
If I said hi
Would you respond?
If I asked
To sit next to you
Would you let me?
Or are we cursed to
Stare across the room
Because neither of us
Will take a step
And try to speak
For we are comfortable
As strangers
And it’s frightening
To see
If we would be friends
Or enemies
For I don’t want
To hate you
Even though
I might love you
So I suppose
We must
Stay strangers

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