June 23rd – Goodbye

I didn’t have a clue what to write about today, so I started this poem off with truth. I AM leaving tomorrow, so my blog will probably be silent for a while until I get back and catch up. I’ll still be writing, I just won’t be able to post! But then … the poem got really whimsical, so I hope you like it!


So I guess I should say
I’m leaving tomorrow
You see
On a glorious adventure
To the ends of the earth
To be all that I can be

I’d take you with me
If I could
But I fear that you
Wouldn’t agree
With the dangerous route
I’m taking
To see all that I can see

My suitcase is packed
With an armful of dreams
And even a few smiles
For when I can’t find any
And of course a sunbeam
To capture it all
To know all that I can know

So I guess I should say
I’m ready and raring to go
My anxiety is kicking in
Let’s get outside the door
No, I haven’t forgotten your lesson
To love all that I can love

It’s time to go
Don’t look back
I love you forever


6 thoughts on “June 23rd – Goodbye

  1. Today I have no clue what to write about either:) I will miss you girlfriend and wish you a wonderful relaxing time. Can’t wait to hear all the stories when you get back. I love you:) ~ Amanda

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