July 4th – Slow Down

Happy July 4th everyone for all who are celebrating that! I apologize for not being able to reply to every single comment I’ve received in recent days–there’s been so many and I’m very slow catching up! Today’s poem was sort of inspired by another hike I did, but it’s not about the hike itself per se.

Slow Down

I still haven’t got the courage
To ask you why
You charge up the hills
Without ever a pause
It seems to be that we should slow
And admire the view as we pass
For it won’t be the same again
And we worked so hard to get here
But you are determined
To only admire as we charge past
With maybe a second to glance

I’ll stay in the back now
And not worry about speed or time
Because while you may get there first
I’ll have a true experience
For I know that nothing’s quite as special
Once you reach the end


10 thoughts on “July 4th – Slow Down

  1. waystationone says:

    great verse and great truth…sometimes we can get going so fast we miss the true experience…some things were meant to take slow…

  2. benjity says:

    Goodness, I love your poetry! I needed to be reminded to slow down!! Also, I loved your writing about writing. I have felt that way a hundred times and it was such peace to discover and be content with what I can do.

  3. dustus says:

    This poem got to me. I’m one of those people who doesn’t always take the time to appreciate everything. Your post also reminds me of how much I miss hiking and haven’t been able to do so yet this summer. Anyhow, much wisdom in your words. thanks

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