July 12th – Being a Writer

I meant to get this up earlier, but I lost my poetry book where I was writing all this down the other day! It was awful, actually–so glad I found it!

Being a Writer

I know I probably shouldn’t complain
But it seems that when it rains
It pours
Because after months of
Not being able to write
I can’t seem
To stop

There’s poetry
Streaming from my pen
Soaking my paper
In abstract words
That seemingly mean something
To my subconscious
And it’s flowing so freely
I can’t always tell
Where one poem ends
And another begins

There’s prose, too,
Exploding onto the page
With long, vibrant descriptions
And endless action
With plenty of dialogue
But every character
Is so unique
They want their own novel
And what am I to do
When I’m already working on three?

I know I probably shouldn’t complain
I certainly like this
Better than writer’s block
But what’s this poor writer to do
Then ignore all spelling, grammar
And nonsense mistakes
And write until my ink runs dry and
Ever last pencil is gone
Hoping at least one good thing comes out

I guess this is called being a writer


4 thoughts on “July 12th – Being a Writer

    • I don’t quite think it’s a problem either, but, at this point in my life I’m very busy and crazy and too much is happening at once so I want to write it all down so bad but most of it just ends up lost because I haven’t got the time. 😀

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