July 21st – Claustrophobia

All right, all right–I know I didn’t post yesterday but there is a reason for that! For my poem yesterday, I was experimenting rather than just writing so I waited until today to put two up so there is at least something a little okay for you to read :D. I forget what these poems are called, unfortunately, and I’ve never been very good at them but here’s another attempt!


Closed in spaces
Lights dimmed low
All closing in around me, I’m
Unable to move
Screaming will do no good
Trying to escape is impossible
Running won’t work
Oh please make it end
Put a stop to the madness
Help me escape, at least
Open a door
Bring me back to the light
I can’t take it


8 thoughts on “July 21st – Claustrophobia

  1. Carol Ann Hoel says:

    Cool idea. Good poem. I like your new haircut. Is it new or did I imagine it? If I did imagine that it is new and it isn’t, I still like it.

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