July 22nd – Breathe

And the poem for today!


Take a breath
A deep one
Feel it inflate your lungs
Let it go now and
With it
Let it take your darkness
Unlock your tension
Release your stress
Take your anger
Bottle it up
And throw it out


Let that simple function last
Have it bring you back to basics
Meditate if you want
Close your eyes
If you can waste time
Focusing on everything wrong
You have a minute to relax
And that’ll make you
Feel so much better
So take a breath
A deep one



6 thoughts on “July 22nd – Breathe

  1. Gretchen, my first thought is Oh no! it is July 27th and she hasn’t posted in awhile!

    My second thought is how I tried to write a poem a day for National Poetry Month and burned out midway. It is tough!

    But I love all your poems that I have read as I love this one. It is beautiful. Sometimes we all need to take a moment and breathe and then come back to our creativity.

    I just wanted you to know that in picking out 10 blogs for the Pink Award, I knew you needed to be included.


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