August 5th – Tomorrow

And what is so special about tomorrow, you ask? I LEAVE. Yeah, well … I’m going away again! It’s the same story as last time, only I’ll be in EUROPE instead of California. I’ve been waiting a really, really long time to go on this trip and I can’t wait! I’ll have plenty of poems when I come back, but I won’t be posting on the blog for about two weeks or so. Y’all are great to put up with me, and I promise I’ll try to get to YOUR blogs when I get back!


I’ve packed my suitcase
Full to bursting
I’ve got my itinerary set
I’ve been waiting for this trip
For many a year
And it finally begins

But why aren’t I excited?
Why aren’t I scared?
Did my appetite for life just disappear?
Is it not as great as I thought?
Is it not something I want?
Well I guess I find out

To tell you the truth
I think I’m just nervous
Because wait till it starts
I won’t want it to end
But right now it’s too far–


9 thoughts on “August 5th – Tomorrow

  1. On trip I do hope
    You find the greatness
    That you seek
    May it overwhem and inspire
    Not even a little bit
    Effort it may require
    It may be for the bold
    It may be for the weak
    I hope the momories fill you will pride
    That last for more than a week.

  2. Off to Europe in a plane
    See all you can
    Everything at home
    Will never look the same

    Feel the past
    Hear the people
    Taste the food
    All the senses are sure to last

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