Crack in the Wall

Crack in the Wall

There is a crack in the wall
In the corner!
Its minute fissures have spread like vines
Wanting to grow
Begging me to water them
Will I?
Once there would have been no question
But now–
Life, my friend, is not an easy game to play
Let alone master
That crack is taunting me
Calling me
“One easy smash,” it says
“Will shatter the wall to dust”
“And it will be like it never existed–”
Be silent!
Leave me be
Let me stare in silence
At the light peeking through
Maybe the sun will be a kinder persuader or
It will leave me in peace
For it’s hard to justify the crumbling
Of a wall I built
To keep life out


29 thoughts on “Crack in the Wall

  1. I love this, very insightful. The wall you built to keep others out, yet it longs to be broken through. This is the essence of isolation and the struggle to come into one’s own. I’m really impressed, Gretchen.

    Amy BL

  2. Wonderful thought of letting something to enter your cocoon… if I may say so… Some times the warmth itself is enought to crack open the strongest of walls.. and i loved the way you have put this in your verse… thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  3. ladynimue says:

    For it’s hard to justify the crumbling
    Of a wall I built
    To keep life out ..

    Don’t we love
    the walls that grow
    never realizing
    they cut off
    none but you alone

    just got inspired !! 🙂 I enjoyed this poem ..

  4. there are more new entries,
    if you enjoy reading, do more, which means you get more feedback….

    you can submit 2nd or 3rd entry…
    have fun!

  5. This piece just seemed to flow so well. Great work!

    (Also, I love your website name; completely agree with the idea of words tumbling out a mile a minute in their different ways)


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