When You’re Not Looking

When You’re Not Looking

Love, they say, is an elusive thing
That you can catch
Out of the corner of your eye
But disappears when you turn
But I went after it anyways
Wearing the camouflage
All the other girls wore
Emulating their tactics
Blending in with the group

Days passed
Months perhaps
And I found no glimpse of success
So the other girls
Thickened their paint
And stomped through the underbrush
Hoping to be obvious
To be caught
But me?

I washed of my pretend skin
I turned my back
Later I would say
It was because I learned to love myself
But that was a lie
I wasn’t being strong
I didn’t love being unique
I only laughed so loud
Because I thought no one cared

And then one day
I turned around and gasped
For it’s funny what you find when you’re not looking


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