Teaser Review: “Silver” by Talia Vance

Silver by Talia Vance (Click for Goodreads)

Expected Publication Date: September 8, 2012

Beauty is pointless when no one’s looking.
Brianna Paxton has been invisible to guys since the eighth grade. She’s pretty enough, it’s just that no one bothers to look. There’s almost nothing that can’t be explained with science, and Brianna has a theory: she’s missing the pheromone that attracts people to one another. Brianna’s theory is shot to hell in one frozen, silver moment, when time stops and Blake Williams not only sees her, he recognizes something inside her that she’s been hiding from even herself.
Before Brianna fully understands who and what she is, she accidentally binds her soul to Blake. Forced to find a way to reconcile forbidden love and her bloody heritage, Brianna discovers that there’s nothing pointless about her, and Blake may be in the most danger of all.


Page 33: “Oh. That wasn’t insta-love. I was frightened. And then he threatened her and it was like, PHEW disaster averted.”

Page 100: “BRIE. He is crazy stalker boy! Abort, abort, ABANDON SHIP!”

Page 148: “Girl: Yes, insta-love, it’s beautiful! Guy: NOOOOOO! I probably shouldn’t be giggling, but Blake is totally spitting in the face of insta-love. I’m sorry Brie, but I’m on his side!”

Page 200: “I’m not sure how all of the sudden they’re teaching Brie to fight, but Micah and Jeremy are the most hysterical things so I forgive it.”

NOW AT 100% COMPLETE: 4 1/2 stars

Refreshing mythology? Check. Great, relatable heroine? Check. Sexy guy? Check. Sexy, sexy romance? Check. Fast pacing? Check. Supernatural awesomeness? Check. Not to mention I laughed out loud AND could barely update Goodreads because I was like READREADREAD. PLUS, Blake totally spit in the face of insta-love. One of my new favorites of the year. Follow the link to make sure to add it to your TBR pile! Can’t wait to gush about this stuff and more in my review, coming in August!


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