Waiting on Wednesday #12

Waiting on Wednesday is a feature hosted by Breaking the Spine

Title: Witchstruck (Click for Goodreads)

Author: Victoria Lamb

Expected Publication: July 5, 2012

Summary from Goodreads: Meg Lytton has always known of her dark and powerful gift. Raised a student of the old magick by her Aunt Jane, casting the circle to see visions of the future and concocting spells from herbs and bones has always been as natural to Meg as breathing. But there has never been a more dangerous time to practise the craft, for it is 1554, and the sentence for any woman branded a witch is hanging, or burning at the stake.
Sent to the ruined, isolated palace of Woodstock to serve the disgraced Elizabeth, daughter of Henry VIII and half-sister of Queen Mary, Meg discovers her skills are of interest to the outcast princess, who is desperate to know if she will ever claim the throne. But Meg’s existence becomes more dangerous every day, with the constant threat of exposure by the ruthless witchfinder Marcus Dent, and the arrival of a young Spanish priest, Alejandro de Castillo, to whom Meg is irresistibly drawn – despite their very different attitudes to her secret.

Why I’m Waiting: IT’S PARANORMAL TUDOR FICTION. That should be enough for you. Well, alright, you have to like Tudor fiction, but yeah. I adore this stuff. Like you would not believe. To be honest, the last time I tried this out with The Red Queen’s Daughter by Jaqueline Kolosov, it didn’t work out all that well, but it was still a fantastic concept. Plus, this is backed up to the timeframe that I really enjoy. Plus, c’mon, it’s TUDOR HISTORICAL FICTION. WITH MAGIC. I can’t NOT read it.


11 thoughts on “Waiting on Wednesday #12

  1. This one sounds really good! I am surprised to say that I haven’t read very many witch books but, I really want to. Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!

  2. The cover for this book is so pretty! I just ADORE all old-fashioned Victorian-style dresses (or any dresses at all, really, as long as they don’t have puffy sleeves LOL!). And I’m reading my very first book set in the Tudor era right now, so you can definitely say I’m intrigued! 😉

    Awesome pick for your WOW this week, Gretchen! ❤

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