Indie Author Giveaway Hop

It’s time for ANOTHER giveaway hop! This one, hosted by I’m a Reader, Not a Writer and Krazy Book Lady, features books that are either self published or published by small presses. There are 230 other blogs participated in this hop, so make sure you click HERE to access the linky for all their giveaways! As for mine?

I don’t usually push the fact that I self published two books of my own here on this blog but, uh, I did. Believe it or not. And since this hop is occurring as I’m in the final stages of editing my third AND overlaps my birthday, well, I figured this would be the best time ever to giveaway the first two books in my Mind Evolution Chronicles! Check them out:

Mind Evolution (Mind Evolution Chronicles Book #1)

Clayton never thought his life would change.

At fifteen, he was stuck in the Middle Class for life. His biggest problem was getting his father to accept the fact that he didn’t want to take over the family farm, but wanted to be a teacher.

But then the Collectors came to town.

They’re looking for a Mind-Power – one of the strongest they’ve ever seen. It could be Clayton’s brother Trey, or it could be his sister Macy.

Or it could be Clayton himself.

Breaking Barriers (Mind Evolution Chronicles Book #2)

For Xander Rolandsson, the last five years have been a personal hell.

He was supposed to be the only Shielder prodigy in Elite City. He was supposed to be standing at the side of Tomas Eriksson, the Shielder on the Elite City Council. And he would be there, too, if it wasn’t for the events of five years ago.

He’s been stuck watching Clayton Stefansson, who the Council of Elite City deemed to be a traitor. It’s been his life. However, when Clayton’s retrial sets him free of prison, Xander thinks he’s finally going to get on with his life.

Yeah. Right.

Now, he’s forced to be Clayton’s tail at all times, waiting for the event that will give Tomas reason to put Clayton back in jail … for good. But just when Xander thinks he’s home free, ghosts from both he and Clayton’s past jump in and complicate matters. Tomas gives Xander the chance to have all he’s ever wanted, but will Xander take the opportunity now that he knows there a cost?

Or will trying to decide his own destiny cost him more than he ever could have thought?

This giveaway begins June 13 and ends at midnight on June 19th. Both books will be signed and personalized for the winner. This giveaway is US only. Oh blegh on the rules, click HERE to enter (and, uh, read the rest of them :P) Don’t forget, Shadowed Thoughts – Natalia’s Story is coming later this summer!

This giveaway is over! The winner is Elizabeth H.!


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