Clear Your Shelf Giveaway Hop – Win a Meg Cabot Prize Pack!

I know, I know, my Indie Author Giveaway only started two days ago. But you know what? I STILL HAVE BOOKS TO GIVEAWAY! You excited? Be excited. (And make sure you check out my Indie Author Giveaway if you haven’t already.) Now what’s this hop about, you ask? Well, like it sounds, 160 blogs are clearing their bookshelves and YOU get to profit. (You can check out the list of said blogs HERE.) What am I giving away, you ask? Well how’s this sound:

You can click on each picture to check out their Goodreads page if you like. Jinx is a hardcover and the other two are paperbacks.  Besides one crease in Avalon High’s cover, they are in excellent condition despite the fact that I love all three of these books dearly. Trust me, if I wasn’t going off to college soon, I wouldn’t let you have them. 😛

So are you in? I hope you are. Click HERE to enter. Please note that this giveaway is US only.

This giveaway is over! The winner is starryblue!


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