Author Interview + Giveaway: “Few Are Angels” by Inger Iversen

Welcome to Author Inger Iversen!

Inger Iversen was born in 1982 to Anne and Kaii Iversen. She lives in Virginia Beach with her overweight lap cat, Max and her tree hugging boyfriend Joshua. She spends 90 percent of her time in Barnes and Noble and the other ten pretending not to want to be in Barnes and Noble.


What inspired you to become a writer?

When I was younger I would read with my aunt and mother, but I was always changing the endings and writing my own. When I was a teenage my diary read like a book and I knew that I wanted to write but I went to college and majored in History instead.

In one sentence, why should someone read your book?

So, they can watch Ella and Kale discover what sacrifices must be made for love.

The cover of your book is absolutely gorgeous! Talk to me a little about the cover art.

Oh, I struggled to find the perfect artist to create my cover and failed quite a few times. I found that some artist charge $750 just for the cover art and that is not including the fonts, back and spine. I actually shed a few tears over my failure until one day someone sent me an email about Deviant Art. That was when I came across a photo called “I Found My Light” and I said, “There is Ella.” Mind you, Few Are Angels was already finished and with my editor at that point. The artist Ana Fagarazzi had created my character so perfectly that I had to have that picture. Two weeks later I found Kale from the same artist. Her prices are so amazing that I am using her art for books two, three and a short story as well.

When you’re writing, do you prefer silence or do some of your characters have soundtracks? Or do you do something completely different?

I have a soundtrack for each book and even some chapters have their own soundtrack. I just recently found this group called Teams vs Star Slinger on YouTube and I have had two of their songs on repeat for the last two days. Music is a great motivator for me while writing.

Can you see yourself in any of your characters?

I tried not to have many similarities with my characters. I wanted to create new characters that the reader as well as myself could watch grow, but Ella and I do have a couple of things in common.

So this is a first in a series, where are you in the stages of the next book? Any teasers?

I will finish book 2, Awakened in July, but when I say finish I mean it will be ready from my first round of edits and they usually take a month or two. I plan to release Awakened late 2012 or very early 2013. This is a scene from Awakened and I have introduced a few new characters.

A scene with Ana and Darke “Raul” two new characters in the Few Are Angels Trilogy

She turned to me and smiled; soft and sweet her lips inched up revealing her stunning but deadly fangs. She plucked two flowers from the bush without even facing it and then moved to stand next to me. She reached out and took my hand gently placing the butter colored bud in my palm; my honey colored skin was a warm contrast to her pale alabaster skin. I looked at it and then to her my brow furrowed.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” She asked not once taking her eyes off of mine.

“Exquisite.” I said, but not about the flower. Anastaise’s eyes sparkled in the moon light and her silky hair ruffled and swayed in with the chilling winter breeze. She looked away coquettishly no doubt understanding that my comment had been about her beauty and I chuckled. Though she was trapped in the body of an eighteen year old, she was more than 150 years old. She removed her hands from mine and placed them at her side.

“Do you know why I love this plant Raul?” She asked sending a jolt throughout my system by using my true name. I glanced away from her and into my hand again at the yellow flower that she had placed there. I couldn’t look at her when she used that name—l was not that man anymore.

“Look at me.” She demanded softly and I complied. “I love this plant because even in the winter it blooms, taking away some of the cold gloom of winter.” Anastaise closed my hand and tightened hers around mine. “Its bloom is so small that from far away they look like yellow clouds.” She giggled at her words as she continued to close my hand using her Chorý strength to crush my fingers together. The pain was intense but manageable and all I could do was stare at her in wonder even as I heard the crunch of my bones. She’d never shown her strength before and I was amazed by it. I fought against her crushing grasp not allowing the little yellow bud to be crushed my hands. I was much older and stronger than she, so it was easy to avoid crushing the delicate bloom.  “Sometimes I wonder if our kind is meant to live, you know.” Confused by her statement I only stared at her waiting for an explanation. She opened my crumpled hand and stared at the bloom, it was untouched, delicate and whole in the middle of my palm. “You protected it Raul, you didn’t let harm come to it.” She said quietly. I still didn’t speak I simply gazed into her sad eyes. “But it will still die.” She whispered. “It didn’t stand a chance from the moment I plucked it from its home and placed it into your hand. You cannot stop its death.” She said quietly as a lone tear slid down her beautiful pale face.

When you aren’t writing, what kind of stuff do you read? Any favorite titles you think everyone should read?

I love the Pace series by Shelena Shorts, The Grace series by S.L. Naeole and the Kissed by an Angel series by Elizabeth Chandler. All of those are excellent series to check out.

When you need to do something that doesn’t involve books or writing, what do you like to do?

When I need a break I enjoy playing PlayStation and spending time with my loved ones. Oh, yea and True Blood—Team Alcide :]

What’s the better YA trend: vampires, angels or mermaids?

I will always be a fan of vampires and angels are a close second!

What’s the last book you read? Any books out there that you’re dying to be released?

The last book I read was The Iron Daughter, I had never read a book about the Fey before and I love this series. I am so behind on new releases right now, but I will definitely read Shelena Shorts new book The Syndicate.

Few Are Angels

Goodreads | Amazon

After a fatal hit and run accident, Ella Monroe fears that she’s lost more than her beloved parents. Horrifying visions of a past life and a disturbing voice in her head have psychiatric professionals convinced that she’s lost her sanity as well. But when Kale–a dark and handsome stranger with a mysterious past–reveals the true meaning of her visions and the tremendous power she wields through them, Ella must come to terms with the devastating truths of her own past, while eluding an ancient Dark Prince who seeks to control not only her future, but all of mankind’s, by means of abilities that Ella is only beginning to understand.

Enter the shrouded world of an age old battle between an ancient race known as the Immortals and their bitter enemy Laurent, the so-called Dark Prince, who commands an army of half-breed vampires known as Chorý. Both sides have been desperately searching for the prophesied emergence of the Arc, a clairvoyant with unparalleled power to recall the past and a soothsayer with clear vision into the future.

The Council of Immortals has sworn to protect the Arc, whom they have identified as young Ella Monroe, a college freshman from Virginia living quietly and unaware of her powers or her past. But a renegade Chorý has other plans for the protection of a girl he has loved through the ages. Can Kale convince Ella of who she is, what she is destined to become, and what he once meant to her? Is he truly the best protector to shield the world from the devastating misuse of her powers that Laurent is bent on controlling? Or will the forbidden love they share and Kale’s cursed condition as a retched and hated Chorý be used against them both?

This paranormal romance told from the heroine’s perspective builds in intensity and intrigue to a finale you won’t see coming. Heart pounding action mixed with heartwarming friendships and heartbreaking romance will leave you breathless and begging for more.


Inger Iversen is giving away TWO ebooks of Few are Angels, either in Kindle or Nook form. This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL and runs until July 6th. Interested? Well then click HERE to enter!

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW OVER! Congratulations to Jenny C. And Ashley S.!


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