Top Ten Books At The Top Of My Summer TBR List


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As you all may or may not know, I’m really booked up on my blog right now. (Pun intended.) This means that I am going crazy with the books I need to read, and I’d like to get caught up before I go back to school. So these are the next 10 reviews you can expect to see on the blog!

Wards of Faerie1. Wards of Faerie by Terry Brooks

This is Rachel’s pick for my Bibliomancy for Beginners book club! I’ve never read anything by Terry Brooks before, so this should be interesting.

2.  Dare You To by Katie McGarryDare to u

I have been watching this reading date approach like a HAWK. I’m so excited to finally sink into it very soon!

The Pirate's Wish3. The Pirate’s Wish by Cassandra Rose Clarke

I wasn’t too impressed with the first book in this series, but I had the chance to grab another ARC of the second one, and so I have hopes for this one to improve on the first!

4.  Ink by Amanda SunInk

I cannot wait to read this I cannot wait to read this this cover is gorgeous *flail*. I also may include a short review of the prequel novella Shadow along with this, since I have it.

Possession5. Possession by A. S. Byatt

Another Bibliomancy for Beginners book, this time from Taylor! (We all know how Taylor’s last pick went over with me, so this should be extremely interesting.) I have high hopes for this one, though!

6. Some Quiet Place by Kelsey SuttonSome Quiet Place

I’ve been hearing a lot about this one lately, so I can’t wait to finally dig into it. Question, though – does the girl on the cover have arms? Or is she armless? It’s really creeping me out.

Indelible7. Indelible by Dawn Metcalf

This is another one that drew me in right from the cover. This is also the request that came along with the news that I’ve been pre-approved for any future requests from HarlequinTeen on NetGalley, so it makes me doubly happy.

8. Love Disguised by Lisa KleinLove Disguised

My English major is bleeding through. This is a story about Shakespeare’s first muse, and I’m pretty excited about it after reading all his sonnets in Intro to Poetry – even if this is fiction.

The Virgin Suicides9. The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides

This is ANOTHER Bibliomancy for Beginners book, this time from Michaela at The Pied Piper Calls. We’ve already discussed that this is a love it or hate it book, and it’ll be intersting to find out which one!

10. Charmed Vengeance by Suzanne LazearCharmed Vengeance

I wasn’t completely thrilled with the first book in this series, but I love the idea so much I’m back for a second go! It should be interesting.


14 thoughts on “Top Ten Books At The Top Of My Summer TBR List

  1. I loooooooooved Some Quiet Place. But I had the same question as you – I stared at the cover way too long trying to figure out if it was possible that she had arms that were like.. behind her or something… but I think she’s actually armless. Definitely creepy, but I like it.

    My Top Ten

  2. Awesome list! I loved Dare You To, and I have Ink and Some Quiet Place for review as well and can’t wait to start them 🙂 Happy reading! And tanks for checking out my list earlier 🙂

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