Bibliomancy for Beginners: Hangout Video for “Tree of Codes” by Jonathan Safran Foer

Hey guys! It’s that time again! This week on Bibliomancy for Beginners, we’re talking Jonathan Safran Foer’s Tree of Codes. I didn’t write up a review this time, so I’ll let the video say it all! Join us back here next week when we read Wards of Faerie by Terry Brooks!

Tree of CodesTree of Codes by Jonathan Safran Foer

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3 stars from me

Tree of Codes is a haunting new story by best-selling American writer, Jonathan Safran Foer. With a different die-cut on every page, Tree of Codes explores previously unchartered literary territory. Initially deemed impossible to make, the book is a first — as much a sculptural object as it is a work of masterful storytelling. Tree of Codes is the story of an enormous last day of life — as one character’s life is chased to extinction, Foer multi-layers the story with immense, anxious, at times disorientating imagery, crossing both a sense of time and place, making the story of one person’s last day everyone’s story. Inspired to exhume a new story from an existing text, Jonathan Safran Foer has taken his “favorite” book, The Street of Crocodiles by Polish-Jewish writer Bruno Schulz, and used it as a canvas, cutting into and out of the pages, to arrive at an original new story told in Jonathan Safran Foer’s own acclaimed voice.


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