Top Ten Best/Worst Book to Movie Adaptations


This is a late post, but I’m gonna do it! No preamble, here we go!


The Hunger Games – This one snuck up on me. I really didn’t think I’d like it, because I didn’t like the books. But wow this movie. I enjoyed it a lot.

The Harry Potter Movies – Okay, some of them. Certainly not all of them. But a lot of them. Some of them depend on my mood.

The Da Vinci Code – I just enjoy the National Treasure esque feel it gives. But, you know, for adults. 😛

Pride and Prejudice – Only seen the Keira version, but wowza. I enjoyed that one.

P.S. I Love you – ALL OF THE TEARS.


Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief – I never read the book, but I heard some fans were unhappy about it. I enjoy it solely as a movie my brothers and I laugh at together.


Twilight – Nuff said.

The Host – Best part of this movie was ripping it up with Michaela from The Pied Piper Calls.

Nancy Drew – Hopefully, you don’t remember the Emma Roberts version of this. If you do, I feel your pain.

Avalon High – Just. No. And no.


11 thoughts on “Top Ten Best/Worst Book to Movie Adaptations

  1. ChrissiReads says:

    I thought the Harry Potter adaptations were good! I enjoyed watching them. I wasn’t as keen on P.S I love you as an adaptation. Great list!

  2. I think I’m the only person in the world who hated The Hunger Games as a movie. I just thought it was boring and the fight scenes were too tame! And Peeta…errr just no.

  3. I didn’t even know Avalon High was made into a movie… but I guess I should just be thankful about that.

    I love The Da Vinci Code for the same reason! Except, no Nick Cage, which is totally fine with me! haha

    Btw, you won my giveaway for THE LOST SUN. You should totally email me you mailing info! 🙂 thehidingspotATliveDOTcom

  4. Mallory says:

    Oh, my gosh, Gretchen watch the BBC miniseries P&P with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth! It is SO MUCH BETTER! I hate the one with Keira Knightly. I mean, Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy? So much YES.

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