Top Ten Authors Who Deserve More Recognition


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Okay, so, this is a really hard topic for me. I tend to spend most of my time dying over authors inside my own head, so I don’t really know who’s getting a lot of recognition and who’s not. So … this list is my attempt to help boost some signals without knowing exactly what I’m doing. 😛 Some authors I like because of deep reasons, others are debuts I want to raise a glass to, etc. This list is in no particular order.

Prophecy1. Ellen Oh

you might know her as the author of The Dragon King Chronicles. I reviewed her first book, Prophecy, a while ago, and am hoping to get my hands on the second one, Warrior. However, I really put her here because of all the stuff about authors of color on her Tumblr. I’m as white as snow, but I really respected every single post she made and read each one thoroughly. It’s some good stuff.

2. Amy TinteraReboot

Her debut novel, Reboot, was really good! I reviewed it a few weeks ago, and I was pleasantly surprised that she could make me like dystopians again. It’s also going to be a movie. So … signal boost about this one!

Cover Final CadetofTildor3. Alex Lidell

I followed Alex’s debut novel, The Cadet of Tildor, from the beginning stages of cover and book trailer reveals all the way to the ARC tour. I gave it five very excited stars. More than that, though, I ended up having a great email correspondence with her that made me love her all the more. Alex is a great person and a great writer who you should all check out!

4. Nina BerryOtherkin

I have stalked her Otherkin series through NetGalley, snatching up copies of Otherkin and Othermoon the second I saw them. (Hopefully Othersphere is up next, soon!) I didn’t see too many other blogs reviewing these, so let me tell you they are worth reading!

What's Left of Me5. Kat Zhang

I still don’t think enough has been said about Kat’s ability to write two characters inside one body. That just gets me every time. It dominated my review of What’s Left of Me. I’m impressed to the nines with her writing ability every time I think about it.

6. Jodi MeadowsIncarnate

I’ve had a few Twitter conversations with her, and through them I have decided she is one of the most awesome people ever. Also, in her Newsoul books, Incarnate and Asunder, what she says about love and how it transcends time and gender seems powerful to me. Sometimes I think that that undertone gets lost because Ana/Sam is SO ADORABLE AND REAL. But it’s there, and it makes me happy.

anna and the french kiss7. Stephanie Perkins

Stephanie and her books (mostly Anna and the French Kiss) make their way onto almost every TTT I do. Besides the fanatical review of Anna that I posted at the beginning of my blogging career, Anna has also meant more to me than I could say–though I did try in a very personal blog post a while ago. Also, her candid battle with depression went straight to my heart. So, I believe that Stephanie deserves ALL of the recognition.

8. Natalie WhippleTransparent

Her debut, Transparent, was released this year, and I LOVED IT! Signal boost for a debut author with a great concept and characters!

grave mercy9. Robin LaFevers

Her His Fair Assassin books are just … amazing historical fantasy fiction. Like, in my top 5 list. I’ve only read Grave Mercy so far, but Dark Triumph is on my shelf right now and I can’t wait to get to it.

10. Courtney Allison MoultonWings of the Wicked

I have absolutely adored her Angelfire books, and my conversations with her on Twitter have further cemented my belief that she is one of the most awesome people on the planet. Three cheers for Angelfire, Wings of the Wicked, and Shadows in the Silence! (That’s 9 cheers. Go. I’m counting.)


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Authors Who Deserve More Recognition

  1. Great picks! I really love Jodi Meadows’ work, and she does seem like an approachable and cool person 🙂 I also really loved Grave Mercy and Wings of the Wicked 😀

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