Waiting on Wednesday #43

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BlindsidedTitle: Blindsided (Transparent #2)

Author: Natalie Whipple

ETA: January 2014 from Hot Key Books

Summary from Goodreads: What price would you pay just to look in a mirror? It’s junior year of high school, and Fiona has definitely had enough of being invisible. It’s pretty hard to have a normal relationship when the only photos of her and Seth show him kissing thin air. On top of that, old Arizonan gang tensions are threatening to spill over at any minute, which could put them all in serious danger. So when Fiona realizes that she and her friends know something that could change everything, she has to decide whether working with the criminal syndicates is too high a price to finally be seen.

Check out my review of Transparent to see why I’m so excited about this book!

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