Marina’s back too!

Hey, everyone!  My excuses for being gone are similar to Gretchen’s: college is crazy, I’m trying to learn Latin and Greek simultaneously, blah, blah, blah.  In addition, I haven’t read a lot of new material lately; I’ve been mostly confined to rereads by the frantic whirlwind that is school.

But now that our calendar is less terrifying, I feel like I might be able to do this!  And, like Gretchen,  I’ve been spending our break cooking up ideas…

Reading has been a big part of my life for almost as long as I remember.   (Most of my memories from a pre-reading state are either fuzzy or concern Big Important Things like the advent of a little sister–or they involve my mother reading to me.)  When I was five years old my mom, bless her, brought home a copy of The Magician’s Nephew and said “I thought you might like to try reading this,” which was how I came to be slowly devouring a novel while my classmates in kindergarten learned about colors and lowercase letters.   I have adored books ever since.

So I thought, while I’m getting out of my rereading rut, I’d do a series of posts about books that have changed me, or influenced me in some important way.  The books that I’ll never forget, the ones that will always be important to me even years later.   I haven’t decided what I’m going to call it yet (I don’t name things well) but I’ll probably start soon, because if there’s one thing I like…it’s talking about books.

It’s great to be back!  Here’s hoping for a more reliable year…and awesome post-Christmas book shopping for all of us!


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