Bibliomancy for Beginners’ “13 Days of Misfortune”: Day 8

The Hostile HospitalWelcome back to the 13 Days of Misfortune! If you’re new to this, then let me tell you that this post is about a 13 day long marathon event where my book club is tackling one book of The Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket a day!

In this episode, we’re talking strange operations and half finished buildings from The Hostile Hospital! Stop by tomorrow to see us discuss The Carnivorous Carnival!

Miss one? Here’s some back links to our previous episodes…

Day 1: The Bad Beginning

Day 2: The Reptile Room

Day 3: The Wide Window

Day 4: The Miserable Mill

Day 5: The Austere Academy

Day 6: The Ersatz Elevator

Day 7: The Vile Village


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