Top Ten Characters I’d NEVER Want To Trade Places With


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So, even though I do read a lot of stuff with different worlds, I found that most of my answers for the top 10 worlds I’d never want to live in depended a lot on who I would be in that world. Given that, I decided to go with the second topic to make things a little easier on myself. So. Here we go!

The Hunger Games1. Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games

Yeah, I’m sure the books sound cool and all but if I’d been here I would have died at the cornucopia in book 1 and there wouldn’t be anymore story. She goes through things I couldn’t dream of lasting through.

2. Wren Connolly from RebootReboot

Not only is Wren dead, but she’s been brought back from the brink to serve as a soldier in this creepy dystopian world. She was dead for so long that her emotions are almost all gone, and that’s not to mention her best friend who is going crazy and the fact that a lot of people want her dead. I’m way not butch enough to be Wren.

The Ward3. Ren from The Ward

One, I do not have the insane driving skill that Ren has to be able to drive a pond skipper in high speed races. I’d hit a wall right out of the starting gate. Also, I’m not sure I could take care of a terminally ill sister while circumventing the government and also still racing like a champ. Again, so not butch enough.

4. Nikki from CriminalCriminal

This entire book socked me in the gut, and I wouldn’t in a million years want to go through what Nikki has gone through in her abusive relationship and the murder she helps commit. The book gets even worse for her, and I just… I just want to save her from it all.

Mind Games5. Fia from Mind Games

Not sure I could become an assassin because my only other option is that someone will kill my sister. See my above comment about butch-ness. Also, blood makes me squeamish.

6. Vee from NerveNerve

This one goes right up there with Katniss. Vee goes through the most shell-shocking, could-I-become-a-murderer-? experience that I’m not sure I could even survive.

Code Name Verity7. Maddie from Code Name Verity

First off, I’m not sure I’d be good enough to fly cargo planes that are basically rusted metal buckets through enemy territory during WWII. Second, there’s what happens at the end of the novel and NOPE JUST NOPE.

8. Allie from The Immortal RulesThe Immortal Rules

Allie spent her whole life hating vampires, then she becomes one and has to learn how to be one in her way while also trying to learn about a whole new world. Nope.

A Game of Thrones9. Anyone from A Game of Thrones


10. Tris from Divergentdivergent

Just look at everything that happens in the first two books. And then … Allegiant.


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