Tally Ho and Away We Go

So you may have noticed that, lately, there hasn’t been too much book blogging done here. There’s a reason for that. The reason is just that I am a little burned out. Reading for reviewing plus school plus life finally pushed me over the edge, and the few books that I did read over the summer that weren’t for Bibliomancy for Beginners I kept to myself, just so I could read them knowing that all I had to think about was whether I myself was enjoying it or not. And that was great.

I had hoped that maybe I’d be able to get some more reviews up here, and we’ll see how that goes. Because another important thing has happened.

I’m not in the United States of America anymore, and I won’t be for the next four months. I’m studying abroad in London!

I have my Kindle and its backlog of ARCs. I have the e-books I’ll be buying while I’m here. With school only being four days a week and my very tiny budget, I have to assume that some of my weekends will be spent with tea and a good story. Will there be blogging that goes along with it? I don’t know! It’s all an adventure.

One thing I WOULD like to do is keep myself thinking about all the stuff that I’m doing. Not much – maybe just a weekend London post kind of thing. If you know anything about me, you know that I’m going to have a LOT to say about many bookish, artsy and crazy things. So. Instead of doing a weekly post round up or a book haul, a brand new feature I’d like to do (hopefully!) will be about my life in London (and beyond!) I’m already here and a little behind because of a lack of an internet connection, so the first couple will come out pretty fast and then slow down to every weekend. Still with me? Excited? Awesome.

Tally ho and away we go!

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