Bibliomancy for Beginners Season 3: “Skin Trade” by Anita Blake

Here it is, guys. The final episode of the regular season of Bibliomancy for Beginners.

I’m crying for two reasons. One, this is the FINAL EPISODE. Two, I’M NOT IN THIS EPISODE. I couldn’t make it because I’ve been in job training for all the time ever and couldn’t even make it to the meeting, let alone read the book. However, for once in their lives, Michaela and Taylor aren’t on the same page with their reactions to the book and that makes this VERY entertaining.

Just a quick note before you watch: Miss my face? Miss Michaela’s? Catch up on our special ten part Nostalgia Junkie series, which is STILL GOING. I just posted the sixth installment yesterday. CHECK IT OUT.

Anyways. Here we go!


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