Interview + Giveaway with Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban

Hey guys! Would you look at this – content on a Thursday. I might be slacking, but there are some great authors out there who are doing you guys justice! One such author is Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban, author of Two Moon Princess and the soon-to-be released The King in the Stone. Let’s meet her!

DSCN5574-e1457049581624-300x246I was born in Galicia (Northern Spain) and went to college in Madrid, where I finished my Ph.D. in Biology. For the next ten years, I worked as a researcher both in Madrid and at the University of Davis in California.

My writing career started when I came to live in Pennsylvania in the 1990s. Following my first sale, a magazine article on latex allergy, I published four books for Chelsea House (Facts on File): Heroin, Ritalin, Mad Cow Disease, and Lung Cancer.

My Young Adult novel Two Moon Princess, (the story of a discontented medieval princess, eager to live life on her own terms, who lands in modern day California) was published in 2007 by Tanglewood Press. It was recognized with the bronze award by the ForeWord Magazine in the Juvenile fiction category. It’s also available now as an e-book.

Two Moon Princess won first price in the 2015 Latino Book into Movie Awards, family and children category.

Immortal Love, a paranormal romance, (Crimson Romance, 2012) follows my adventures in search of a literary agent in a contemporary alternate world where the late Spanish poets Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer and Federico García Lorca are immortals.

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Now, she’s here today to answer some questions about her upcoming novel, A King in the Stone. What’s this book about, you ask? Well, let me tell you!

A full moon,kinginthestone
A silver key,
And the unbending passion of two young lovers
Will bring hope to a defeated kingdom
And, through their sorrow, deliver a king
Who will change its fate.

Sent back in time through a portal the full moon opens, Julian and Andrea, two lovers from a parallel universe, struggle to be reunited and prevent the Arabs from destroying the last Spanish stronghold in the mountains of northern Spain.

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Now that you’ve got the basics, let’s get into this interview!

What inspired The King in the Stone?

My inspiration for the historical background of The King in the Stone was the Battle of Covadonga and the legend of Pelayo, taken directly from Spanish history. The story itself is a very personal one. I won’t discuss it here because, if I did, I would be revealing a major plot twist. A third and very important inspiration were the majestic Picos de Europa, the mysterious mountains of northern Spain that became a character in the story.

How did you do your historical research? Is it fun or do you wish you were writing?

I am originally from Spain, which means I was already familiar with the legend of Pelayo and the historical facts of his time before I started my research. I chose this particular time because, although I didn’t like history as a subject when I was at school, I loved legends, and the legend of Pelayo, in particular. So, in answer to your question, I really enjoyed doing the research about the period and the historical characters that appear in The King in the Stone. Actually, as the facts I were researching became part of the plot, I would argue that while doing the research I was actually working on my writing.

What’s your favorite part of the writing process?

I love stories. What I look for in a book, or a movie, or even a song, is an engaging story. So, not surprisingly, I love plotting best. I love the process of telling and retelling the story in my mind, until all its threads are perfectly entwined and the final tapestry comes alive.

What’s one thing you’ve learned through writing your novels, about yourself as a person or a writer?

Writing a novel is a hard and solitary business. It is also incredibly rewarding. What I learned, after my almost twenty years in this business, is that, as Dorothy Parker put it: “I don’t like to write, but I love having written.”

If you were to go through a portal back in time, where would you want to go?

To Spain in the year 718 A.D. Wouldn’t be awesome to go there and watch the story I have imagined in The King in the Stone, as it unfolds?


Carmen has graciously offered two e-copies of The King in the Stone for this giveaway! That means that it is international! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post by July 28th, 2016. Make sure I can access your email or leave another way to contact you if you win. You can talk about whatever you like – the interview, the book trailer, etc – but please do thank Carmen for this great opportunity!

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