Disclaimer and Important Stuff


Please remember that all book reviews are a personal opinion of me, the reviewer. Because I say I didn’t like something or even that I did like something, it doesn’t mean it is the End All Be All for the book. I try to always be constructive in my reviews and never be outright hateful. Every review will be completely honest, however, and I try not to sugar coat anything. If I think something was off, I’m going to say I thought so. It’s part of being a reviewer.

What I Like To Read

Basically anything YA, seriously. I enjoy trying new things, and I’ll admit I was bitten by several media monsters included vampires (just not actually Twilight). I particularly like strong female characters with plenty of snark, fast paced novels and I’m a sucker for romance. I just don’t tend to read westerns, crime fiction or things very dark and gory. Actually, if it includes graphic violence, abuse of any kind, stuff like that … I will not, under any circumstances, read it.

If You Would Like Me to Review a Book

Readers: Comment right on this page, and I’ll try to accommodate the request as best I can!

Authors: I do accept requests! If you’re interested, please email me at ghohmeyer@gmail.com. I prefer physical copies, but I am available to read either PDF or Kindle version files.


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