Bibliomancy for Beginners Winter Session: American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Can you believe it? TWO Bibliomancy videos over this break? We can’t believe it either! That’s why, for this episode, you get our two best Bibliomancers! (Actually this is also because Taylor is in Scotland but you know. Michaela and I are still the best.)

For this episode we read American Gods by Neil Gaiman which was a slog, let me tell you. We’ll make it interesting though, we promise! We always do.




Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish!

I tried to remind myself that ‘memorable’ does not always mean ‘awesome’, but this came out mostly good guys anyway, with the exception of Kossil and the technical boy.  Do the bad guys not get fleshed-out secondary characters?  Or am I just low on imagination right now?  (Also, hi everybody!  First Real Marina Post is apparently a Top Ten post!  Welcome to my literary tastes!)  Anyway, in no particular order…

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