Pirates, Revolution, Conspiracy | APRC Supplemental #21

I have no idea what was going on with this theming. There are at least two that talk about the American Revolution? The rest are all over the place. Welcome to the inside of my mind.

Lots of Lincoln (and other stuff) | APRC Supplemental #20

Guys. This is my twentieth supplemental episode. That is incredible to me. Absolutely unbelievable. This one is weird, as they all are, but maybe you’ll find something interesting while I continue on this wild journey!

Ep. 7 | American Presidential Reading Challenge

Is there any other way to celebrate President’s Day than with my first OFFICIAL APRC video in, like, a year? The quality of these books is extremely mediocre, but I’ve only got 7 left, guys. I want to finish this before there’s someone new in the White House … again …


The Funny and the Frustrating | APRC Supplemental #19

Looking for history books about the Democrats? Books to amuse you? Stick to the first two! After that, tw for discussion of sexual assault in a series of books I read because the first one frustrated me so much. There’s a lot going on here. Sorry.

I read too many of these | APRC Supplemental #18

Have you been looking into different histories of the Right and aren’t sure which one to pick? I’ve got a variety of options, written by Democrats and Republicans, and I have thoughts and feelings on all of them. This is hopefully my last video like this in a while because I need to not read a political science book for a while. Give me a pirate book! Vikings? History of any kind!

What a run of American history! | APRC Supplemental #17

Alright, there was one dud, but guys. This was the best run of American history that I’ve had in quite some time. Nice to be getting away from some of the political science as well. I cannot wait to tell you about some of these! We’ve got gerrymandering, public history, geopolitics, Watergate, and more.

Nonfiction that hype made me read | APRC Supplemental #16

Look at all these new nonfiction releases! (Okay, one that’s not so new, but I do these in reading order so it’s fine.) I have some more prototypical president stuff, political science, and a couple of memoirs – and they spanned both the “I did not like this” and “I really liked this” spectrum. Let’s dive in!

5 Unexpected Nonfiction Reads | APRC Supplemental #15

In this supplemental video, we’re tackling some books on how we create history from culture, religion, geopolitics, and socioeconomics. You know, a bunch of light and fluffy stuff. Oh, and all of them were ones I had expectations for going in that weren’t met for some reason. It’s a doozy!

From 1773-2021 | APRC Supplemental #13

I didn’t know what to call this, so here’s what’s up. This time around we have two American Revolution books, two books about Trump’s impeachments and the insurrections, and Colin Woodard makes his THIRD appearance. Enjoy, I guess?