The Fastest Way to Fall ARC Review | 5 Star Romance

Last year, Denise Williams’ debut was one of my top 5 books of everything I read, so I had high expectations of this one. I am happy to say that it met them! *Highly.* As a note, this book does include a discussion of weight, eating disorders, and drug addiction.

A Certain Appeal ARC Review | Burlesque + Pride and Prejudice

I’m not the world’s biggest Austen fanatic, nor was I really sold on this book at the start – but boy did it grow on me! Plus, it had my favorite thing in a romance novel: COMMUNICATION!

I Kissed a Girl by Jennet Alexander | LGBT Romance ARC Review

I wanted this to be so good. I had such high hopes. And one side of the pairing absolute is the cutest cinnamon bun. But there’s an issue when I think the other half … isn’t. Here we go!