Bibliomancy for Beginners’ “13 Days of Misfortune”: Day 1

The Bad BeginningHey guys! I promised you a special event from the Bibliomancers, and here it is! We are analyzing and discussing each book in Lemony’s Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events – you know, as scientifically as we ever do. Today is Day 1, and we are taking apart The Bad Beginning. I can’t wait to have some fun!

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I Want to Hear from YOU!

So, first things first – the blog has a new look! I swear this wasn’t just because I was bored. I swear it wasn’t. Honestly, I was looking for a new look for the blog, and I found one. I don’t know how many of you are WordPress bloggers but… Man, a lot of their themes just look so … boring. Took me a while to find one with all the things I want that looked pretty sweet. Don’t worry, content isn’t changing or anything but … what do you think? Is this one better than the old one? Or do you want the old one back? Talk to me – I swear I don’t bite! ^.^

…okay, I just might be vaguely insane…

BUT, I am an insane girl that likes books. But I am out of books. And therefore liable to go MORE insane. We can’t inflict that on the world, can we? So … drop me a line, guys. Tell me what books have BLOWN YOUR MIND so I can read them too! Even better – drop me a line and give me a suggestion for a book to review! I will seperate the crappy from the amazing so that you don’t have to! Yes, I’m that desperate. C’mon, guys, give me a hand! Load me up! Comment away below! I wanna look like this guy:

*gasp* Twitter is useful to writers!

So, I’ve had this blog for EVER but I’ve never gotten around to any actual … blogging. Sure, I’ve posted things I’ve written but that probably gets a little dull after a while. So here we go–I’m going to use my blog to BLOG. How novel.

As a writer, I hear people talking about their “platforms” all the time. There’s the constant debate over whether they’re necessary, how much time they take up, blah blah. For me, hearing Facebook and Twitter could actually be useful to aspiring writers made me laugh and laugh. I SEE the kind of junk me and my friends post around on those sites–how could they be useful to a business venture or whatnot?

Well, I’ll tell you when I see it on Facebook–I’m still trying to wade through the strange teenage addiction to post my every living moment of my life on there. Twitter, however, is another story.

I’ll admit, it isn’t like I just had a revelation. I was just reading through a back issue of Writer’s Digest on how writing has moved to the World Wide Web. However, it was the first time I’d read stuff about it when I actually HAD a Facebook and a Twitter. The gains for my Tweeting life have been extraordinary.

For example, I understand for the first time just what exactly it means when people type in #somethingsomething. It’s called a hashtag, and if you search them you can find a whole bunch of random people discussing the same thing. I was already using the hashtag #amwriting without really understanding what I was doing, but then I got ahold of hashtags that have actual discussions attached to them! For instance, check out #WriteChat on Twitter. Just go search it. BAM. People sticking their Tweets into a melting pot of random discussion. Granted, there is a whole lot of junk out there, too, but there are actual PEOPLE looking to meet other WRITERS. For someone who spends most of their life stuck like a hermit at their desk, this is very exciting. One of my new favorites is #yalitchat, which has a website attached to it at They have Twitter discussions once a week, besides connecting writers with writers every day. I’ll report more when I’ve actually explored these options fully, but I urge you to check it out. YA Lit might not be your thing, but rest assured there are PLENTY of other hashtags out there for you. I’ve yet to search anything in the Twitter search bar and have nothing come up.

Go forth and tweet! If nothing else, it’s really addicting, er, fun! 😀

This Poetry Thing

This Poetry Thing

I think this poetry thing
Is going to my head
Since now I can’t even think
Without putting my thoughts into stanzas
Without inserting needless line breaks
Without rhyming random words

I think this poetry thing
Is going to my head
Since now I can’t look at anything
Without hearing the whisper of the trees
Without seeing the story of the clouds
Without smelling the adventures in the kitchen

I think this poetry thing
Is going to my head
Since now I can’t write anything
Without making it a poem
Without chopping it into formats
Without putting it on my blog

I think this poetry thing
Is going to my head
Since now I’m supposed to be doing everything else
But, of course, I’m writing poetry

New Name, New Mission!

Hey everybody!

You may have noticed that the blog just took on a new name. This is because I’ve realized my old “mission,” if you will, wasn’t exactly working. Plus, I don’t want this all to end after one year! So, I’ve decided to change the name and try to expand on what I do here. I want to try to keep doing one poem a day, but I’ve realized I might not be able to do that. I’d also like to try to get some short stories up here and just play around with my writing a little more on the blog then a have been. Well, whatever I do, I think it’s going to be a fun ride!