Recent Royal Reads | Nonfiction Reviews

I wanted to take a break from my normal reads, which weren’t working for me, so I went on a bit of a nonfiction, British royals binge. This was a wild trio of books, with the good, the bad, and the absolutely surprising. I can’t wait to share it with you!

The Fixer Upper by Lauren Forsythe | Romance ARC Review

Guys, I am desperate to find something that’s really going to wow me. This one really wasn’t it either. While I think Forsythe has positive signs for the next one, this one actually made me a little uncomfortable with the set up. Just not for me.

What Moves the Dead | Horror Novella ARC Review | Betwixt the Books

Wherein Michaela and I review the wonderful retelling of Poe’s Fall of the House of Usher by T. Kingfisher and surprisingly I liked a horror book??

Book to Doc Review: The Family by Jeff Sharlet

This is one of my most niche features, but I love doing them because I love documentaries so much. In this one, I review and compare the book and docuseries (available at this moment on Netflix) versions of The Family by Jeff Sharlet!

Heartstopper Vol. 1 | The Best Way to Read Heartstopper | Betwixt the Books Reviews

Wherein Michaela says the name of the app where you can read this great ya graphic novel wrong every freaking time and I discuss a bit about my qualms with graphic novels in general but overall we discuss Heartstopper vol. 1 and why we liked it!

Is this the spiciest thing I’ve read in 2022? | Series Review

Guys. Guys. This series is SUCH a rollercoaster and I can’t wait to tell you about it. It does go into spoilers about halfway through, but I’ll warn you in the video when that happens. I just had so much to talk about, I couldn’t avoid it. Let’s get going!

A Thousand Miles by Bridget Morrissey | ARC Review

Time for another romance ARC review! This one is a second chance romance on a road trip with a 10 year gap. I thought it would be really similar to The Road Trip by Beth O’Leary, but it turned out to be a cute reading experience on its own!

5 Unexpected Nonfiction Reads | APRC Supplemental #15

In this supplemental video, we’re tackling some books on how we create history from culture, religion, geopolitics, and socioeconomics. You know, a bunch of light and fluffy stuff. Oh, and all of them were ones I had expectations for going in that weren’t met for some reason. It’s a doozy!