I’ve made TEN of these? | APRC Supplemental #10

Wow, I can’t believe this is real. This is my TENTH supplementals episode. Enjoy some new releases from this year on a wide variety of historical and political topics and THANK YOU for coming along with me on this.

Alisha Rai Romance Mega-Review | Forbidden Hearts and Modern Love series

I read some of Alisha Rai’s books in Q3 and didn’t like them. I decided to try another one of her series and LOVED it, so I read all six of them! Let’s find out how THAT went…

The Fastest Way to Fall ARC Review | 5 Star Romance

Last year, Denise Williams’ debut was one of my top 5 books of everything I read, so I had high expectations of this one. I am happy to say that it met them! *Highly.* As a note, this book does include a discussion of weight, eating disorders, and drug addiction.

A Certain Appeal ARC Review | Burlesque + Pride and Prejudice

I’m not the world’s biggest Austen fanatic, nor was I really sold on this book at the start – but boy did it grow on me! Plus, it had my favorite thing in a romance novel: COMMUNICATION!

Hades X Persephone Series Review (1-3) | Betwixt the Books After Dark

Wherein Michaela and I test a new format, slightly less structured and definitely longwinded but feels better when discussing three books at once. We also talk about the Hades X Persephone series by Scarlet St Claire and how we definitely did read them all … even if they were not our favorite books.

Another Supplemental I Guess? | APRC #9

Trying to get caught up on some extra books for my American Presidents Reading Challenge, and boy do I have feelings on some of these. Not a particularly good set, so give me recommendations if you can think of any!