Buildup of burning frustration
Right between my eyes
Like a sharpshooter’s imbedded bullet
Spilling out from my eyes
Like a crack in a dike
But no little Danish boy can save me
By poking them out
A fist of terror
Halts the beating of my heart
And all I can do is shatter the painful silence
With a sob
Is this in anger?
Is this in sadness?
This is in reaction
To me being crushed
By the suffocating load of responsibility
You were stupid enough to think I could hold up


Brick Wall

Brick Wall

I suppose you could say
I hit a brick wall

I didn’t just hit it

I rammed into it
With the force of a bullet

Then I shattered
And fell to dust at its base

Don’t worry about me
I’ll be okay over time

I can pick up enough pieces
To create a semblance of me again

Don’t think this is a bad thing
I never do

Because if I was broken enough
To smash and burn

Then it’s time I recreated me
To be more than I was before

Who said those brick walls
Have no use?