Of your life can go by
As you wait for that
One special moment

Can be wasted
With procrastination
And worry

Are lost
When you sit
And ponder the ifs and buts

Gone by
When you blink
And so much is missed

Given up
To tasks that
Aren’t worth your time

Fly by
As you stare at the clock
And hope that your adventure will start

That can be washed away
In the sands of time
Or they can change your life


May 22nd – Waiting for Time to Pass

Today, I spent most of my time sitting at a garage sale my Girl Scout troop held. There were some rushes, but it was a lot of sitting around. Don’t get me wrong–the girls and I had some great conversations, but it’s the moments of silence that kill you, especially when you’re being eaten alive by bugs. I took the time to write today’s poem about … time.

Waiting for Time to Pass

Clocks ticking

Slower and slower

Time crawling by

You’re not sure it’s passing

You start counting the seconds

Just to make sure

The silence makes it worse

Stretching out indefinetly

Blocking up the air

Movement makes it better

Reminds you you’re alive

Until the bugs start

Trying to bleed you dry

Then you’re fighting for your life

Against a million tiny foes

For every two you kill

Another bites you

And though you keep

Checking the time

It never seems to change

And you become convinced

The minute hand will

Never move again