July 30th – Mediator, Traitor

Look, the poem that was supposed to be here days ago!

Mediator, Traitor

They call me the Peacekeeper
The friend in the middle
The sibling in the center
Holding up the caution flags
Mediating a truce
They tell me that I’m wonderful
That I’m a true friend
But I don’t feel the same

I don’t want to be the one
Sorting out the facts
I don’t want to be the one
Taking all the blows
I don’t want to be the one
On whom you unload all your crap

I hate to break it to you
But I’m not bulletproof

I love you
I love her
I love him
I love them
But after all this time
Somehow I’ve lost my love of me

You say I play the mediator
But I call myself a traitor
Because I’ve lost my own sense of justice
Trying to appease you all

I tell you I think the same
I tell her I think the same
I tell him I think the same
I tell them I think the same
But what I really think
Has been lost
Because I much too afraid
Of losing

They call me Peacekeeper
The one with all the patience
The one who sees it all
But someday I’m going to lose it
And find myself


July 24th – Believe

And yet another one inspired by To Kill a Mockingbird


Why do we fight
For what we believe in
Tooth and nail
Without pause?
Why don’t we back down
When everyone else
Tells us
We’re wrong?
Where does that strength
And that courage
Come from
To keep us firm?

Maybe I know those answers
Maybe I don’t
But I understand the reality
Of the strength of the people
Who stand up to
Make a case
For what they believe
No matter what happens
Or what anyone says
And they never surrender
Simple because
They believe

July 20th – Coward, Survivor

HA! I wrote something that isn’t blatantly depressing. Score! 😀 Anyways, this is also one of the first days in ever I’ve actually posted a poem a day. I think I should try fixing that, don’t you? No, we haven’t had this discussion before… 😀

Coward, Survivor

I can hear you laughing
Calling me a coward
Saying I’m weak
As my hands clench this threadbare rope
That’s keeping me from falling
Into your black abyss
My palms are bleeding
The drops falling down
Where they streak my face like tears
But I’m not letting go

I can hear you laughing
Calling me a coward
Saying I’m too afraid to face it
But here’s the facts
I might be hurting
But that’s just proof I can still feel
That I’m alive
You weren’t afraid
You let go
Now you don’t feel, don’t live

I can hear you laughing
Calling me a coward
Saying I’m less than you
But who you call a coward
I call a survivor
You’re the one who took the easy road
And let go
Laugh all you want from down there
Where you can’t see the light
This survivor sees a sunrise coming

June 29th – I Am An Adventurer

This poem started out as a sort of joke, because coming back from my trip I did cross the entire US and go through two countries. It actually got into my emotions, though, and I’m sure anyone who’s been on a long trip knows what I mean.

I Am An Adventurer

For I am an adventurer
She who crosses a continent
Battling the currents
By the harsh light of the sun
And braving the altitude
Though I am afraid of heights

For I am an adventurer
She who goes through
Four time zones
Travelling through the
Very fabric of time
And surviving

For I am an adventurer
She who traverses two countries
And knows all the languages
With no fear of killer roads
Or foreign people
Though I am alone

For I am an adventurer
She who drives through the night
Fighting drowsiness
To pull into a known driveway and
Throw open the door to shout

June 27th – Two Years

So, I’m being rather slow in catching up–I apologize. However, school has decided that the end is the perfect time to overrun me, so … yeah. On the subject of school, on the 27th of June I attended my school’s graduation and came out with this!

Two Years

Those two years it will take
To shed these junior textbooks
Seemed long and far away
Until I saw them in their cap and gowns
And thought
Two years
Two years until I leave my home
Two years until I’m on my own
Two years until I am the solo master
Of my life
One endless second ago
Those two years seemed ridiculous
But as my friends scream
“I did it!”
Those two years have shrunk
Into tiny fractions of time
That I feel the urge to run from
For if I blink
I know that they’ll be gone

June 26th – Talent

On this day so long ago, I went to an art museum with my friends and had the thought that appears in the first three lines of this poem. That, obviously, spiraled out into the entire poem and gave me one of the longest poems of the trip!


I wish I had the talent
To paint pictures
That look like photographs
Or move my body like the wind
And dance with fluid grace

I wish I had the ability
To climb the highest mountains
And celebrate from their peaks
Or win a million awards
For something that comes easily

I don’t

But I have the talent
To paint pictures
With vibrant words
And move my pen like the wind
To write down my dreams

I have the ability
To climb the highest mountains
With my characters
And win a million awards
For them too

All I need to do
Is never give up hope
And remind myself each day
That for each thing I can’t do
There’s something that I can

June 24th – I Miss You

Hello blogosphere, I’m BAAAACK! You miss me? 😀 I know I missed you guys! Forgive me for being slow to update my blog with the days of poetry I couldn’t post–my jet lag is rather ridiculous… But here is the poem I wrote way back on the 24th of June as I was flying in an airplane!

I Miss You

If you were to look up
Right now
I wonder if you’d see me
As I dance through the sky
And build castles with the clouds
I wish I could tell you
To give it a try
But the space between us
Is too great
Maybe someday
I’ll invite you
To my palace of sunbeams and mist
But for now
All I can do is build
And every once and a while
Send you a shooting star
To say
I miss you

June 23rd – Goodbye

I didn’t have a clue what to write about today, so I started this poem off with truth. I AM leaving tomorrow, so my blog will probably be silent for a while until I get back and catch up. I’ll still be writing, I just won’t be able to post! But then … the poem got really whimsical, so I hope you like it!


So I guess I should say
I’m leaving tomorrow
You see
On a glorious adventure
To the ends of the earth
To be all that I can be

I’d take you with me
If I could
But I fear that you
Wouldn’t agree
With the dangerous route
I’m taking
To see all that I can see

My suitcase is packed
With an armful of dreams
And even a few smiles
For when I can’t find any
And of course a sunbeam
To capture it all
To know all that I can know

So I guess I should say
I’m ready and raring to go
My anxiety is kicking in
Let’s get outside the door
No, I haven’t forgotten your lesson
To love all that I can love

It’s time to go
Don’t look back
I love you forever

June 22nd – My Plan

So I got to thinking today about plans, and how I don’t tend to make them. Yet, when I do, I really hate to have them messed up–like, seriously hate. Yeah, maybe it’s a pet peeve, but I can’t be the only one out there. 😀 So that thought led to another, which led to another, and another and– You outta know that my mind is all over the place by now! Here’s what I ended up with.

My Plan

I had a plan
But you decided
Now wasn’t the time
Wasn’t the place
You said it should wait
I should change the hour
Switch the day
You suggested maybe
I should forget about it

I had a plan
That you didn’t like
That scared you
That kept you up at night
So you didn’t think it was right
And you felt the need
To squash it
And you thought I’d just
Let it go

I had a plan
That didn’t involve you
And still doesn’t involve you
Because I knew how you’d react
And I don’t care
Since this is my choice
My adventure to have
And perhaps you’re right but
It’s my mistake to make

June 21st – Forgotten

I suppose today’s poem has something to do with my latest short story, which was titled The Forgotten. However, while today’s poem doesn’t start today, I think it’s more upbeat than the first draft of the story! The word “forgotten” was, obviously, rolling around in my head and I got to thinking about everybody is afraid to be forgotten in the end–and today’s poem was born!


I don’t want to be forgotten
My name removed from all minds
My face wiped from all memories
My smile removed from all photographs
I don’t want to be the one
Who people only semi-mourn
Who leaves no mark on the world
Who slips away unnoticed
I don’t want to be the person
Left with a heart still empty
Left with a dream unfulfilled
Left with no hand to hold

I want to be someone
Whose name is on everyone’s lips
Whose face is recognized
Whose smile is glory-filled
I want to be the one
Who no one forgets
Who leaves giant footprints
Who goes out with a bang
I want to be the person
With a heart full to bursting
With a dream achieved
With a loving hand to hold

I refuse to be forgotten