Why I’m Here

(FYI, this piece was written off a prompt for “Why are you here?” and to make it as crazy, bragging and laugh-inducing as possible. It’s a wonderful thing to do when you’re feeling down, I promise!)

Why I’m Here

Because I am 16
And I haven’t lived yet
I’m here because I have just self-published a book
And I want to sell a million copies
I haven’t seen Japan yet
I haven’t learned to ride a motorcycle yet
But I am the manager of a 50 person dining room
And the editor of a magazine with 3,000 people who read it
I haven’t seen all my friends face-to-face yet
And no one’s able to fly
And I want recognition
And peace
But I’m still trying to figure out what all that means
I’m here because my brothers need me
I’m here because my parents want me
No one can fix broken bonds yet
But I want to be the first one
And I want to see a world of peace
With no pollution
or greed
And I’m going to make that happen
I am here because I haven’t signed an agent
I haven’t found a publisher
But someday I want to see my title be a NY Times bestseller
I am here because I want to live
And my dreams have stopped the darkness in my heart
I am here because I have something to say
And I haven’t said enough yet


Poetry Potluck–Love and Romance: Where Are You?

This is my entry for the Monday Poetry Potluck over here: http://jinglepoetry.blogspot.com/2010/10/poetry-potluck-love-and-romance.html!

Where Are You?

I see you in my dreams
My love
I see you when I wake

I hear you in the radio’s songs
And the trills of the birds in the trees
I know all of your favorite things
And just what you love about me
I understand your moods
And all your little quirks
I can tell when you are holding back a laugh
And the tears you hate to have fall
I know everything about you
And you know everything about me

I see you in my dreams
My love
I see you when I wake

Now all you need to do
My love
Is enter reality

September 29th – Songs on the Radio

Songs on the Radio

So you listen to the radio
Singing your heart out
Wishing with all you’ve got
That person in the song was you

You sing a little louder now
Trying to block the tears
The world in the lyrics sounds perfect
Why can’t you live there too?

You want to believe
You want to find love
You want to live your dreams
You want to discover yourself

Hold on to your faith, your hope
For I have faith in you
One day you’ll hear a melody and smile for
That person in the song is you

June 26th – Talent

On this day so long ago, I went to an art museum with my friends and had the thought that appears in the first three lines of this poem. That, obviously, spiraled out into the entire poem and gave me one of the longest poems of the trip!


I wish I had the talent
To paint pictures
That look like photographs
Or move my body like the wind
And dance with fluid grace

I wish I had the ability
To climb the highest mountains
And celebrate from their peaks
Or win a million awards
For something that comes easily

I don’t

But I have the talent
To paint pictures
With vibrant words
And move my pen like the wind
To write down my dreams

I have the ability
To climb the highest mountains
With my characters
And win a million awards
For them too

All I need to do
Is never give up hope
And remind myself each day
That for each thing I can’t do
There’s something that I can

June 23rd – Goodbye

I didn’t have a clue what to write about today, so I started this poem off with truth. I AM leaving tomorrow, so my blog will probably be silent for a while until I get back and catch up. I’ll still be writing, I just won’t be able to post! But then … the poem got really whimsical, so I hope you like it!


So I guess I should say
I’m leaving tomorrow
You see
On a glorious adventure
To the ends of the earth
To be all that I can be

I’d take you with me
If I could
But I fear that you
Wouldn’t agree
With the dangerous route
I’m taking
To see all that I can see

My suitcase is packed
With an armful of dreams
And even a few smiles
For when I can’t find any
And of course a sunbeam
To capture it all
To know all that I can know

So I guess I should say
I’m ready and raring to go
My anxiety is kicking in
Let’s get outside the door
No, I haven’t forgotten your lesson
To love all that I can love

It’s time to go
Don’t look back
I love you forever

May 31st – The Dream

Today’s poem was, again, inspired by school work. Actually, it’s a response in the Romantic style to a section of a Wordsworth poem titled Lucy. Call me a cheater, but I figured this was killing two birds in one stone so I didn’t have to write another poem today! (Just so you know, I’ve never actually read the entire series of Lucy poems.) Here is the section of Lucy (#5):

“A slumber did my spirit seal;

I had no human fears;

She seem’d a thing that could not feel

The touch of earthly years.

No motion she has now, no force;

She neither hears nor sees;

Roll’d round in earth’s diurnal course,

With rocks, and stones, and trees.”

And here is my response, which I’ve titled The Dream:

I dreamed last night

I had no fears

My life was no rollercoaster

I did not shy away from heights

Bad health was a nonexistent shadow

Death was not a known word

Spiders did not creep about

Insects did not buzz or sting

Loneliness made no appearance

Backstabbers did not exist

Wishes came true every minute

And so I dreamed

And I did not want to wake

But morning came

I had no choice

My dream may not come back

But life

Rolls on without stopping

May 19th – To the Dreamers

Since my family doesn’t get Fox, I had to watch my weekly dose of Glee today online rather then last night. It was an awesome episode called Dream On about–you guessed it–dreams. It inspired today’s poem, To the Dreamers.

To the Dreamers

Hello Dreamers,

You who stare out the window

Not seeing reality but

Glimpsing the fantasy beyond

You are the beater of your own drum

And you dance to its melody

Without caring what others think

Because they expect you to fail

But you know better

You who wish on a shooting star

And throw a penny in the well

After picking it up because

Its head faced the sky

You put a smile on your own face

And put the sparkle in your eyes

Don’t give up Dreamer

                                                     I know you won’t