In the moment
Words fade
To useless nothings
That have no hope to express
What I feel

In the moment
I faltered
I fell back
I stalled
For my thoughts had abandoned me

In the moment
I had no idea what to say
Or what I wanted
How I felt
Or where it would lead

In a moment
You were gone

In a moment
I knew


September 22nd – I Don’t Feel

I Don’t Feel

Tears streak my face
I don’t feel them fall
Icicles stab my heart
I don’t feel it stop
Anger boils in my blood
I don’t feel the burn
Laughter dances through the air
I don’t feel a smile
I keep my inner world together
I don’t feel the edges fraying

July 15th – I Feel Fine

I’m baaaaack–with more depressing poetry, I’m sad to say. Things haven’t really been up around me lately–or at least I always feel like writing when they aren’t rather than when they are… Anyways, at least maybe I can reach out to some people feeling the same around me. This poem is actually about me being sick than anything else.

I Feel Fine

I feel fine
Or at least
I think so
My body feels
All funny
Like it’s all fallen asleep
Though I’m wide awake
Or am for now

I feel fine
I’m moving
I’m breathing
No matter how my body
Likes to spring
Random pains
On every limb
I need to use
Right then

I feel fine
Well, that’s what I’m
Telling you
Because there’s no reason
To mention
How much my body hurts
And how much
It’s affecting
My heart