Book Blitz: “Contrition” by Lee Strauss – Excerpt + Giveaway!


Hello, and welcome to the Book Blitz for Contrition by Lee Strauss, hosted by Xpresso Book Tours! Today I get to tell you about a great book, share a fantastic excerpt AND give you a chance to enter to win a HUGE giveaway! Let’s get this party started by first introducing author Lee Strauss!

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I like giveaways, do you like giveaways?

If the answer to that questions is no … pardon me, come again? WHO DOESN’T LIKE A GIVEAWAY? Personally, I love recieving prizes. That’s why, with the blogging powers invested in me, I want to GIVE THINGS AWAY. That’s right, I’m finally getting into giveaways. Finally.

Well, not quite yet. See, I need to actually get my hands on the rest of the planned merchandise for you guys. But here’s the deal. There’s going to be two giveaways in May, and one in June. Yeah, that’s all I’ve got planned for now – I’m not a planning person. But here’s why:

My Life is a Notebook will be celebrating 2 years of blogging on May 16th!

I’m so excited! Sure, for at least half that time I wasn’t actually a consistent blogger, but SHHH. Anyways, what’s the point of this?


I’m giving you guys–the people who follow my blog WITHOUT coming here through the giveaway hops–and early and extra chance to enter. You may notice there is a shiny new Facebook like button on the side of this blog. As of today, there are THREE Facebook events listed for the page. Sign up for them early and you get an extra entry into my TWO YEAR CELEBRATION giveaway.

Also, I will give you cyber-brownies.

Are you guys ready to win some free books in May? How about June? How about for the next ever? Because I’m pretty jazzed and I’m giving the books away. Just saying.