July 9th – It’ll Get Better

Hello again! Yeah, I know, it’s been a few days … oops. I’m TRYING!! 😀 Anyways, I’d just want to let you know that I am trying to get to visiting everyone who was amazing enough to comment on me and if I missed you I’m very sorry. I was literally going through pages of comments! You guys are amazing! Here’s July 9th’s poem:

It’ll Get Better

They always say
It’ll get better
On the days when
You won’t believe it
So you take the words
And tear them up
Into tiny shattered pieces

They always say
It’ll get better
On the days when
You’re convinced it won’t
Because your bleeding heart
Is saying
It’ll only get worse

They always say
It’ll get better
On the days when
The dark is strongest
And you’ve bottomed out
So they know
The only was to go is up

They always say
It’ll get better
On the days when
They see you’ve lost hope
Because they know that you need a reminder
That nothing is horrible forever because
It’ll always get better


July 1st – Where Did June Go?

On July 1st, I honestly couldn’t believe when I had to turn over my calendar page. June flew by so fast! On that note, I started off with a title and ran with what came from my pen!

Where Did June Go?

Where did June go?
Did you hide it under your bed?
Did you lose it in the garden?
Did you leave it somewhere?
I seem to recall
That it was right here
I heard it
I touched it
I smelled it
I tasted it
I saw it
But I don’t remember moving it
Or putting it away
But then I don’t remember
Giving it to you
Friend, if you find June
Bring it back to me
I had it for a time and yet
I can’t remember it at all
And thus I can’t imagine
I got to know it as I should
I miss it, too, you see
So, my friend, just let me know
Where did June go?

June 28th – The Last Day

June 28th was the last full day of my trip in California, so obviously I was feeling a little sad. Also, hence the name of the poem. All the same, I tried to end it on a positive note because–of course–my trip was extremely positive!

The Last Day

It’s the last day
I don’t understand
Where the time went
Or when the trip changed
From just beginning to nearly over
And we went from awkward
To comfortable

It’s the last day
Tomorrow I’ll be on an airplane
For endless hours
Each moment taking me
Away from you
And back to the monotony
Of home

It’s the last day
Now, instead of hopes and wishes,
I have memories filled
With laughter
And a camera card
Full of smiles
To share

June 25th – The Camera

So, apparently, all these poems from my trip are rather short … oh well! Here’s the one from June 25th, which was really inspired by my friends that day 😀

The Camera

I held the camera
As you wrestled on the beach
And the ocean sprayed us all
He dunked you in
I laughed so hard
Clicking away as fast as I could
And I captured the moment
You stood on the ladder
And decorated the sky
Then we went
And danced the night away
And I made someone else
Hold the camera

June 12th – Friends

Today’s poem is all about friends. Everybody has them because what would we have withOUT them? Today, I received an early birthday card from my friend Entru (whose blog was just added to my blogroll) and it got me thinking about how awesome friends are. Even as I type, I’ve got three of my awesome friends on Skype and I haven’t stopped smiling since we started talking! So here’s to them and every other friend in the world!


I’d like to dedicate this poem
To those people in my life
Who make me smile every day
Even when I start off
With a frown
They are
And completely random
But they can also be
And serious when they need to be
Because they will always be
Whatever I need them to be
Whenever I need them to be
And I would
Do the same
For we all need
In our lives
Those shooting stars of people
We otherwise call