How do you write to concen– Oh look, sparkly!

Lately, all I’ve wanted to do is write. I’ve been coming up with new ideas for my current work in progress and having a blast. But when I sit down at my computer, I can’t CONCENTRATE. Yes, I have ADD—but it’s never been this bad. I have always assumed that it’s easier to write on the computer. After all, everything I write has to get here sometime, right? But it turns out that this isn’t for me.

When I write, I need to write. Trying to type on my computer is too distracting. I never actually write. I go to Twitter, I go to Facebook, I go to Inkpop—anything and everything. No matter how badly I want to write, I can’t get anything done. (How I’m writing this blog post is beyond me.) However, when I write by hand into a notebook, I can write for hours. I don’t care that writing by hand gives me blisters or makes my back and shoulders hurt—I’m WRITING. This way, when it comes time to put it into the computer, I don’t actually have to think. Typically, I type it in while watching some of my TV addictions online. Today, for instance, I typed up two chapters while catching up on Glee. Does it take more time? Yes. But I get more DONE.

Some of you, I know, wouldn’t agree. You can actually type on a computer and get more done. I’m very jealous, just so you know. It would be more time-effective. What I want to know is, is there anyone who types an even more different way? Like, do you use speech recognition software? Do you use a typewriter? Quill and ink? Something else? What do you do to get your imagination on the page?